Born and raised in London, UK, Michelle has lived across the planet as well as having worked in London and all over the UK having several varied careers. Passionate about business, travel, writing, people, food & self-awareness, this entrepreneur Michelle has managed to create a range of learning & development services for publishing, academic, personal & international business needs. With a philosophy of simplicity, gained from harsh life challenges of loss & change & being financially independent since a child, Michelle now leads a peaceful life connecting with people from all over the world and sharing life experiences, with her personal philosophy of making life opportunities if they are not presented, she values people skills and personality over brains for getting on in life - socially, academically and professionally...

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'Working For Passion, Sharing & Living in Simplicity' 


Teacher Michelle

BSc Psychology & Statistics (2:2)

MSc Computer Science (41% Diploma)

Cambridge CELTA English Teaching (Pass B)

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Business & Professional Successes

Creator of several distinct businesses without any business training but only from vast & eclectic professional work experience over 30 years, many careers & hard work from the bottom-up. A Specialist Medical Healthcare Trainer voted Runner Up 'Best in the UK' 2008, having started as a simple health care worker for 18 years, assisting with a great passion for her work, the elderly, vulnerable and differently abled people in the UK. Listed in the 'Who's Who' of UK Business Marketing 2003. UNICEF UK Chief Analyst - a position created for her after being headhunted from Action For Blind People charity after successfully generating £3.1 million in her first 3 months starting out as a data inputer. Becoming a university professor across the planet & being promoted to the exams team as one of the youngest professors in Saudi Arabia's King Saud University. Having one of the highest PONS points for teaching in Sicily 2012-4. Successfully managing more than 200 staff across various careers in the UK in her 20's and early 30's. St John's Ambulance Medical Care Trainer successfully administered life resuscitation in medical emergencies in the UK along with training over 200 health care professionals - from Marie Curie to hospitals nationally. Campaigner for successful implementation of government legislation of various laws: 'Whistleblowing' abuse prevention in UK hospitals & care settings & child abuse testimonials at court in the UK. From Computer programmer to Database & Marketing Analyst to Disaster Recovery Manager for IT anti terrorism data safety in Canary Wharf London to car washing, psychologist at various mental health clinics and cleaning at McDonald's, there isn't a job that hasn't got Michelle to where she is now as a successful, dynamic & content person. 

Personal Successes

Successfully finding her way out from a challenging start to life to living a life that she wouldn't swap with anyone. Changing career many times, something that most can only dream of, and fulfilling her personal goals. Working for herself from her 30's. Travelling to over 50 countries and living in more than 7. Finanically independent since a child, Michelle's learned how to make money work for her, and how being rich or poor isn't a barrier to doing anything that one dreams of. Fostering children with disabilities when she was only 26-29 years old. Overcoming many personal and academic challenges resulting in a peaceful yet productive way of living, sharing this peace through a successful personal development business that she created. Volunteer for over 10 charitable organisations for over 25 years, including Plan International, Shelter UK, Action For Blind People, Barnardos, Care International & Sai Inter Faith International. Winning the Gristwood Award for the most helpful student 1998, along with achieving the highest points score in London across 200 schools for women's sports achievements - even though her school grades were poor. University Hockey Captain & Badminton Singles, Mixed and Doubles Champion for 2 years. Top goal scorer in the county and South of England Championship Level player. County cross-country runner & baseball and basketball player & coach. Set up & coached a boys basketball squad at just 16 years old, taking them to win the London schools championship. Successfully supported (not financially) 3 homeless men in three different countries to reclaim their lives, after facing homelessness herself at varies times in her life. Tremendous self-belief that she's gained - Michelle enjoys sharing this with others to inspire and motivate rather than preach a set way of living. Success for Teacher Michelle is this - the achievement of personal peace and humility - and not by the work or academic achievements that most define themselves by.

Academic Successes

Having attended university but mostly failing, having got through from personality & drive learned from already many years of working growing up as a child & teen, rather than brains... Reading & writing were not easy for Michelle at school.Feeling 'stupid', spending most of her school life playing sport & never studying. She was exempt from most exams until 16 as she truly believed all things academic were not for people from her background. Instead, in Michelle's mid teens she turned to studying as a way of achieving her goal of becoming a Sports Teacher. Not having sufficient GCSE exam passes, she managed to somehow secure a place to do A-Level, and then failing there too managed- with extreme passion & determination, gain a place to   study psychology. Sending herself to university, supporting herself entirely financially & emotionally,  in the hope of learning about the psychology of people rather than focussing on becoming a sports teacher. Successfully graduating but having no home to return to, and only the option of sleeping rough - in her car, Michelle managed to instead secure a place at uni to do a Masters in Computer Science. An almost impossible journey considering the lack of previous self belief, academic skills, support, opportunity or guidance. She has successfully gone on to develop unique & stimulating ways to learn, study & most importantly - to apply. Using her created methods to inspire & teach many different types of learners across the globe a variety of subjects, from English, to IT, End of Life Medical Care to Sport.

Created a small book publishing & coaching consultancy company:

' Life: Work In Progress...'™

for both hard copy and e-books, allowing herself to publish fiction & non-fiction books that she and the public have written, focussing on creating 'Memory Forever Books' for lost loved ones and pets, poetry written by various homeless people in the world that she has come across, a children's bi-lingual adventure book series, & self awareness fiction & non-fiction books. A creator of a 'World Book Club' for global participation is also now one of Teachers Michelle's joys.


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