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What's NEW-June 2021

Lost a loved one? 

Create a 'Memory Forever Book' for someone you love who has died so they can be remembered forever.

Family, Pets, Friends...

Helping you to finally see your ideas in print. Offering affordable & professional solutions for you or your child's words & ideas.

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Contact me now to discover more about:

How you could write a book, publish or even sell an existing book that you've created.

How you can create a 'Memory Forever Book' for a lost loved one, family or pet.

If you would like to know more about joining the 'World Book Club with Michelle' on Goodreads.

Or if you just have a question to ask or suggestion to make!




2021 Coming Soon - Books by Michelle:  

  • 'Complicated Life, Simple Journey' - A novel of a unique life journey

  • Transformation of Life Poems: An odyssey of world and mind.

  • Dreams & Awakening Synchronisms

  • The Happy Women of Saudi

  • Mr Peter's Adventures in Vienna, Austria


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