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Love Puzzles - When Someone/thing Is 'Perfect' But Just Not For You...

You ever had this said to you? Or said it to someone?

It can be so challenging to understand. All the time we are bombarded with 'perfection' and how to keep it, gain it and love it - yet this simple sentence can be really tough to hear or accept when we find ourselves saying it.

In my own personal journey I have nearly died over these words. I thought I was all that he wanted- he told me everyday - and then these worlds came:

"You are so lovely.

But just not for me..."

All those years ago, with little emotional maturity or love life experience, I felt like the world was caving in on me. Asking myself over and over:

"If I'm so lovely and special then why don't you want me?"


After years of internal battles, pain, fighting tears and confusion I found myself in another new relationship with a 'perfect' person - however, now it was me who needed to utter these words to him and walk away...

Finally understanding that even if you find 'the perfect relationship' or person/friend/boss/job - sometimes it just doesn't feel right and you have to walk away.

Feeling 'whole' in yourself is powerful.

I was unable to understand why the first guy could say I was lovely and special and not have a negative word about me, yet couldn't be with me.

We are pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle and sometimes we meet other 'good and whole, lovely and special' pieces but there just isn't that initial chemistry or feeling anymore. Somethings are worth fighting for but if you are forcing another person to see your perfection and they already do, but the time just isn't right, then learning to let go and move on will save you endless nights of pain or destructive blocking behaviours often then sabotaging other areas of your life...

I have learned to understand my personal character better and this has enabled me to live more peacefully in a world of constant confusion.

If you need some support then maybe some of my personal experiences of living with uncertainty and recovering from loss, grief, trauma and other challenges can benefit you also to finding some peace in this magically messy thing we call life...

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'Life: Work In Progress...'™

London | Online Internationally

  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
#Life Work In Progress
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  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid

'Life: Work In Progress...™'   

London | Online Internationally

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