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Self Published? (It's not such a dirty word) Are You Filled With Thoughts & Ideas That You J

Let me guess, It's been on your bucket list but you've never been sure of how to go about it?

Procrastination central?

I am just like you. A procrastinating 'creative'... however, just six months ago I decided to get on with looking into getting a book I had written a couple years back published. At first I thought no chance, but with a bit of time and techie skills, I managed to not only rewrite, publish on Amazon CreateSpace, market and design my own cover, but also to get international sales across 8 countries so far!

So I am no J.K Rowling and never set out to be - a hobby that turned into a pleasing process that I now use to help others on their way to getting their word in print.

Get in touch with how to go about ticking this off your bucket list ...

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