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Solar Eclipse June 10th 2021

Using the universal energies for Personal Development for a peaceful inner life.

The Annular Type Solar Eclipse - A new moon day in the space constellation Mrigashirsha - the seekers (through a forest) energy whilst the mind desires a reconnection with one’s soul (sun) and true identity.

Be impacted or influenced - The sun or soul can alter the way your ego and perception of life can be transformed for the better

Surrendering to fate and be conscious of your current life lessons - what’s going on in your life right now that’s causing uncomfortable feelings? Pull yourself out of the ‘karma drama’ and see the situation from a tiger perspective to see what you’re supposed to be learning about yourself and others. Its very uncomfortable but wisdom waiting to bloom.

An uncomfortable journey through the ‘birthing cana’l’ of periodic transformation from within

Walk your authentic path as opposed to following the beliefs you’ve learned from others

A karmic eclipse can amplify your choices and parts of your life so chose wisely - not perfectly but wisely

A time to accept mistakes - forgive yourself and apologise to others

Mercury will also be in retrograde and impact Mars along with Venus in Ardra causing blow ups and cross confusion in communication

Also in the navamsa of Leo so be focused on your goals even though there will be an essence of deviation from the rahu energies.

Eclipse season - this eclipse is part of the energy from the May 2021 that shifted emotional (moon) energy and transformed lives that needed moving from the December 2020 eclipse.

(Sidereal Astrology is a self development tool, not like western astrology generic 12 sign, so affects very different areas of life for us all depending on your own personal planetary positions & dasha time periods so for a full personalised personal development consultation please do get in touch)

Example 9th house transit of eclipse - Virgo ascendants:

A time for questioning learned ethics, religious, moral and philosophical beliefs allowing personal clarity and wisdom and exploration of new horizons. To be focussed on searching rather than believing for your own personal journey. A time for expanding horizons and a time for travel and learning for inner wisdom. Check Leo house also as that’s where the sun is - to be focussed but flexible on what you want. Be flexible on things you’re fixated on. Health issues of the father or males in your life can be an issue.

'Life: Work In Progress...'™

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  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
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  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid

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London | Online Internationally

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