3 Day IELTS Intensive Exam Prep

Last minute panic?

Need to study for IELTS but dont know how to go about it?


Three day intensive coaching workshops, 4 hours per day, focussing on the skills and methods that the Cambridge examiners require for a successful score. This is a course for students who have already been studying English and have done some IELTS already .
The focus here is on the techniques of the IELTS exam process rather than English grammar or vocabulary.


This package includes:

  1. IELTS Speed Reading Coaching 
  2. IELTS Writing Part 1
  3. IELTS Writing Part 2
  4. Listening Accent Recognition Coaching
  5. Speaking Exam Skills
  6. All Writing checking & Daily Speaking Practice


*Skills are taught, rather than General English Tuition.


Not Included: 

IELTS Vocabulary Builder

IELTS Registration Help

Discounts will be given if purchased as a package with this course.


Longer courses of 7 days and also of 14 daysare available for students who need more than just exam skills, and you can also request even longer training sessions of 20 or 30 days, or 2 months+.

Just contact Teacher Michelle for personalised coaching.


Online study directly with Teacher Michelle at all times via skype/IMO/Viber/Whatsapp/WeChat & more...or Face to Face if possible

Offered in a group or on a 1 to 1 basis online.

Discount for 3+ individuals. Discount available to students already studying English at a language school/college or for students already booked onto an IELTS Exam.




***WHEN BOOKING, PLEASE SPECIFY prefered date, days, times of study & when you would like to take the exam***

3 Day IELTS Intensive Exam Prep

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