English For Engineers/Architects/Doctors

Are you a professional with no time to study? 

Having problems with reaching your career potential?

Problems with understaning English speaking collegues?  

Have you studied English but still don't understand natural spoken English? Feel stressed when you have to speak to an English speaker? No time to get to a language school and study? Want to understand your foreign colleagues, tv & music better? Or be able to get what's happening when you travel abroad or communicate with tourists in your country?


Face to Face lessons focussing on: PHRASAL VERBS, EXPRESSIONS, IDIOMS, ACCENT RECOGNITION, & understanding the GIST of REAL LIFE communication. For general English, business or exam prep (Cambridge BEC) speaking & listening practice.


I don't use books or focus too much on grammar/vocab as you've  already had enough from school/books. You can find free lessons on YouTube. Study times and days are flexible around your busy life.


Lesons: 8 lessons to use in one month - 45/50 minutes per lesson.

Includes free daily telephone practice where you can use the lesson in a practical way with real-life examples in order to improve your speaking and listening skills


a personalised webpage.


If you would like online lessons for unlimited 10 minute sessions with Teacher Michelle then click here


"Get a move on and bell me!"


***WHEN BOOKING, PLEASE SPECIFY prefered date, day and time of study***


Offered on a 1 to 1 basis.

Discount for friend referrals, block bookings & week day only packets. 




Marco, ITALY

 "Not just english! A great experience to improve listening and business negotiations. It helped me with my new job, it made me confident with the phone conversations and the negotiations with the foreign suppliers. The Michelle's skills and the possibilities to personalise the lessons with dedicated times and vocal messages are the plus that makes the course perfect. I'll keep in touch with Michelle for the future!"


English For Engineers/Architects/Doctors

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