University Academic Writing & Life Skills Assistance

ONE (ACADEMIC) YEAR COURSE & Life Skills Support with Teacher Michelle:


Going to University in the UK, Austrailia, Canada or another English speaking country? Finally finished your IELTS or TOEFL?


Do you need some support both academically and for life? New place, different customs and nervous about the academic work ahead? 

Teacher Michelle offers support for all your academic and social life needs, from helping you with planning work, sticking to deadlines, planning essays, grammar and vocabulary development, a friendly person to talk to if youre facing and life challenges or missing home!

Full academic year support for all areas of planning, writing, grammar, vocabulary and most importantly - troubleshooting, for when life just gets in the way! Teacher Michelle offers you all the support and academic skills development that you need to face another year at University or college.


Featuring: Academic Essay Writing Skills, Grammar, Writing Under Deadline Pressure,  Planning, Proofreading & More…


What Is The Course Content & Objectives?


Module 0 - Planning and Scheduling:

Effective Self Time Management, Working Under Pressure & Avoiding Last Minute Stress, Creating Realistic Mini Targets & Schedules, Common Problem Solving Strategies.


Module 1 - Academic Essay Content: 

Vocabulary Mind Maps, Brainstorming Ideas, Selecting Relevant Essay Vocabulary, Essay Reviewing & Self-Marking (Proofreading) Strategies, How To Choose Case Studies & Evidence For Your Essay**. 


Module 2 - Essay Type Identification & Structuring: 

Effective Analysis Of Essay Titles, Targeting Your Audience Appropriately, Essay Selection, Organising Your Ideas Effectively, Paragraph Drafting Strategies, Thesis Statements, Introductions, Main Body & Conclusion Structures.


Module 3 - Grammar 1: 

Plural Nouns, Prepositions, Capitalisation, Punctuation


Module 4 - Grammar 2:

Adjectives, Adverbials, Verbs, Pronouns, Conjunctions, Interjections, Modifiers 


Module 5 - Grammar 3: 

Conditionals Past , Present & Future, Should, Would, Could


Module 6 - Grammar 4: 

Subject-Verb Agreement, Sentence Types, Clauses, Active vs. Passive Voice


Module 7 - Grammar 5: 

Parallelism,Determiners, Quantifiers, Linking Words, Subordinators


Module 8 - Sentence Development:

Writing In An Impersonal Style, Simple & Complex Sentence Development


Module 9 - Research & Citations:

**How To Chose Case Studies & Evidence For Your Essay - Documenting Your Selections



***WHEN BOOKING, PLEASE SPECIFY prefered date, day and time of study***


Online study with Teacher Michelle - direct contct at all times via Skype/IMO/WeChat/Viber/WhatsApp and more, or face to face in Italy.

Offered in a group or on a 1 to 1 basis.

Discount for 2+ individuals. Discount available to students already studying English at a language school/college.



University Academic Writing & Life Skills Assistance

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