Global Internship Consultancy

Graduated from University somewhere in the world? Or finished your undergraduate studies and want a break before you start your postgraduate life? Or maybe you're on your summer break and want to get some work experience?

This 2 hour session gives you the support and a clearer direction, if you don't already have one, to getting the work experience that you want.

This sesson is split into two parts.

1: Consultancy: discovering what type of work experiences you might want or need to get you to your desired professional goals. Setting out a plan and discovering together your objectives, skills, capacity and direction. A personal psychological assessment is offered with the aim of accurately matching up your skills and personality with the work experience you're going for. 

2: Practical Application: The session includes searches for global internship opportunities and tips on how to apply in the most successful way. Including what the recruitment specialist are looking for in the applications. 


The 2 hour session is not a CV/resume session, but a discount of 25% is offered if the 'CV/Resume & Cover Letter' is required.


Clients usually require 2-3 hours for this session. 

25€ per hour


Online or Face to Face

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Global Internship Consultancy

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