Memory Forever Book

"Memories are forever, even if people and pets are not..."


Helping you to create a book of memories for a loved one that you have lost - a person or beloved pet , by offering affordable & professional self-publishing solutions.


  • Have you lost a loved one recently? 
  • Are you full of memories of them about them - the good the bad and the ugly even?
  • After time, memories fade and people around you stop wanting to hear about your lost loved one - why not create a book of memories, stories and quotes even, so that you can always have a memory of them?


Starting at £400 and up to £2500 for for extra services (marketing, editing, advance cover designing...)


  • Includes 'someone to talk to service' where Michelle will not only create the 'Memory Forever' book collecting stories and reflections, but also take care to listen to you in your grieving moments about all the stories, thoughts and memories that you care to talk share in this difficult time of loss. Friends and family might not always be available or might not alway care to listen after time goes on...
  • You don't need to be a writer or even have any set ideas - as it's through the talking and grieving process with Michelle that the 'Memory Forever' book is created. Journaling and documenting anything that helps you with the loss...
  • Passing the Memory Forever book enables a way for PASSING ON to future generations in your family circle or friends - keeping the memory of the loved one alive in a healthy way.
  • A 'Memory Forever' book can be the key to turning a negative into a 'positive' and the gift of creating for yourself of future generations can be a powerful healing tool...


Contact Michelle now to turn your loved one's memories into a words forever...

***Michelle has lost many loved ones and knows well the trauma and pain of loss - turning this into a positive creation so that others might have the chance to record memories of the people/pets that were loved, without losing the fine details, stories and quotes that get lost and confused over time.



See an example here of a self published book now available on Amazon

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Memory Forever Book



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