Post IELTS Fail Consultations

Don't feel bad about not passing. Come and see how you can improve for next time or if you can take a different path.

Teacher Michelle offers individual personalised coaching sessions for students facing repeat exam challenges in one or more skill set area.


Teacher Michelle will help you with the area of IELTS that you are having difficulty most, for example:

  • Speaking 
  • Writing Part 1 or 2
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation


Or maybe you are ok with these skils but need more time in the exam to finish? 

Teacher Michelle can show you specific skills to help your time management, for example:

  • Speed Reading Methods
  • Time Management Tips
  • Planning and Reviewing


If IELTS is not the right path for you, then Teacher Michelle will assist you with other options. Maybe you have take the IELTS exam many times already and you are tired of it. There is always a solution to a problem and so talk about it with Teacher Michelle to see if there is a clear step forwrd for you...




Online or Face to Face

***WHEN BOOKING, PLEASE SPECIFY prefered date, day and time of consultation***


1 hour per consultancy session.

Discount available to students already studying English at a language school/college or for students already booked onto an IELTS Exam.

Post IELTS Fail Consultations

  • Refund policy.

    Dissatisfied with your purchase? It's straightforward - I'll offer you a refund or exchange 24 hours before the purchase date.

    Buy with confidence.


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