Start-Up Consultancy

Got an idea for a business, product or service?

Not sure how to make this into a reality?


This consultancy package gives you EXPERTISE & EXPERIENCE of 30 years of successful work & business in London & internationally for various sectors  (click here to read more) - Michelle offers her professional experience, support and a clear picture of what, where and how your idea could look.


This sesson is split into two parts.

1: Consultancy (1.5 hours): Discovering and goal setting. Setting out a plan and discovering together your objectives, skills, capacity and direction, along with making the most out of your business, product or service idea. Social media requierments.

2: Practical Application (2 hours): The session includes a practical application of your service, product or business, whereby either creating or actioning it will be tested and tips on how to proceed in the most successful way. 


The 3.5 hour consultancy session is not a full in depth business planning or marketing consultancy servce.

If required then these can be aquired here:


Book today and make your business work for you! 


***Full comprehension & application of the consultations are dependant on individual capacity. 



Online or Face to Face in London 

***WHEN BOOKING, PLEASE SPECIFY prefered date, day and time of consultation***

Start-Up Consultancy

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