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  • 'Life: Work In Progress...'™
  • 'Life: Work In Progress…'™
  • 'Life: Work In Progress…'™

Scientific Vedic Self Care Lifestyle Coaching | Conscious Growth & Personal Awareness Development | Overcoming Life Challenges | Living with

Uncertainty | Finding YOUR Inner Equilibrium | Identity of the Soul | Awakenings | Transformation & Acceptance

"Inner Health, Outer Shine.."


Quantum AstroPsychology.

 "Self Care Lifestyle Coaching As A Means To Feeling Good On The Inside, To Shinning On The Outside..."

"No matter who you are or what life you live, life challenges don't go away , but with an expansive perspective of the matrix of time, connections & one's infinite capacity & limitations, everything is easier to understand, therefore making life 'better' on the inside no matter what is happening on the outside ..."

Vedic Self Care & Awareness

Lifestyle Coaching 

Effective Personalised Scientific Vedic Self Care & Awareness Lifestyle Coaching for Making Sense of YOUR Life, Feeling Good Inside & Eventually Shinning on the Outside, no matter what life presents...

A unique, personalised service that offers you self care awareness tools, as a means to personal equilibrium and understanding why things are happening in your life - learning to live with uncertainty.

Helping YOU to feel better about work, love, money, yourself & life in general.

Making YOUR life easier to understand from the inside resulting in the ability to face what ever is presented on the outside. Originating organically from a blend of difficult life experiences, reflective social-psychology, information gathered from vedic scientific astrology (not to be confused with western predictive astrology) and most importantly just 'letting go'. Offering either a personalised one off analysis of your life direction or ongoing mentoring for you, on your quest for personal peace in this magically messy world of life challenges that you have surely faced (if you found this site) through learning a new way of facing experiences & thoughts that are gathered from YOUR unique life experiences, followed then by harnessing the power of YOUR conscious reality & living, working in unison with the everyday environment and people energies around, which present as life challenges, thoughts and 'coincidences'. Vedic Astrology and Quantum AstroPsychology™  offer highly powerful and insightful tools to face life as it comes and to not be in constant search for peace originating from predicted or external events (will we get back together...?) or worldly, material solutions (I'll be happier once I get that job or apartment...!) unless that is actually your journey, and for some it is. (Material pleasures & things external are actually necessary in living a human existence for some.) We are all here for different life experiences & the awareness of this makes Quantum AstroPsychology™ a non one-dimensional guidance tool, but instead encompasses the knowledge that there is no right or wrong lifestyle when comparing your path to others as we are all here to learn different things and live a different reality, but only ways that make YOUR personal journey right or wrong. Some are here to chase material dreams, others to live in simplicity, some religiously and others as part of a couple...Quantum is about raising your awareness of how YOU work & what YOUR life challenges and blessings are so that you can eventually 'do' life in peace - to accept what comes and what doesn't & to know that you are more than just the mass of atoms that reacts to life around you.

Being 'spiritual' is peace within - a quest for self awareness, growth & acceptance, so quantum physics is the obvious lead to this awareness...

Sick of feeling like this? Tried everything you can?

Read on...

Life Challenges that I can relate to on YOUR life journey, having experienced each one & come out the other end - no matter who you are, life challenges don't go away but with an expansive perspective everything is easier, 

making life 'better' on the inside no matter what is happening on the outside:


Relationships 'Fails'

Career Confusion

Money  Troubles

Fears & Blocks

Travelling Anxiety & Moving/Living Abroad 

Worries about kids, parents or siblings

Health worries (you or family/friend)

Addictions (drugs, sex, gambling)

'Failing' at work/college/family

Life before/after separation/divorce 

Living with an addict/mentally ill person

Stalkers & invasion of privacy

Road traffic accident trauma

Sudden change of house/country

Feeling lost/confused - what now?

Overcoming death (friend, baby, family or pet)

Moving House 

Starting again without choosing to - forced life changes

Sick & tired of your Job/Colleagues/Boss

Abuse & Trauma 

Marriage breakdown or Cancelled Wedding

Loved one in prison/life after prison

Abandonment sadness

Feeling Totally Inadequate or Worthless

Insecurities about physical appearance

Loneliness from children/partner/family leaving

Feeling insecure, tired, anxious or stressed about the past/future

Loss of Direction or Hope

Fear of Failing or Achieving


Each of us is different; the way we look, walk, talk, feel, act and think. Each experiencing and needing varied life experiences, requiring and having different goals, motivations, values and life ideas. Each of us born uniquely to experience different realities.

We are different on every level.

Marriage isn't everyone's idea of a good life, nor is having children for some, or living abroad or living with parents, for example, yet for others, life is considered to be a colossal failure without these events.

We are different on every level.

Even on a physical level, apart from each of us looking differently, even the basic food & health habits vary immensely from one person to another -- for example drinking warm water and lemon juice in the morning is a health benefit for some but for others it isn't, actually making them feel unwell. Running & vigorous exercise beneficial to some & yet brings ill health to others.

We are different on every level.

So why would having the same life path and rules for each of us be favourable and successful in our quest for happiness?

What is a good and successful life?

What is the right way to live and what is the best order in which to experience major life events?


We are powerfully unique and so the answers to these questions are going to be different for each of us... Doctors, psychologist, nutritionists and life coaches are wonderfully talented, helpful and powerful but sadly are unable to always offer a unique guidance tool for each of us as INDIVIDUALS, often only offering learned academic guidance, or guidance to what THEY believe to be a solution to YOUR life path that could actually be more detrimental in your personal life mission, than helpful. A life coach might lead you to the life that they believe to be desired by all - success in business, financial excess, fame or romantic love - but can be unaware of YOUR unique life journey in this life. The same goes for a nutritionist, offering you guidance on eating a 'healthy' diet but not considering YOUR individual body type, propensity for emotional management or innate characteristics, not to mention epigenetic factors - resulting in further ill health. We are more than our body & feelings, affected daily by our subconscious past in this life and previously from the complexities that are the souls journey towards something bigger than our comprehension.

Have you ever wondered why some people are constantly ill even though they take suggested medicine prescribed by specialist doctors? Or why some people spend years at a psychologist,  going through the trauma therapy recovery year after year? 


Several reasons could be possible, one of which stems from the fact that healing and therapy are such multi-dimensional creatures, and even though most therapists are specialists, they are not always aware of the other more complex dimensions that make us up as INDIVIDUALS - apart from the complexities of the physical body that continue to baffle specialist doctors from time to time, there is also the deep and murky world of the subconscious, the power of the mind that is still a mystery for most and then there is that fact of the subconscious that are powerful memories and habits of past lives that are present but seen as a mythical and nonsensical concept in modern wellbeing & healing.

Energy is not something that can be destroyed, according to all scientific texts and with religious texts from all the major religions that have written about "reaping what you sew" which highlights this scientific principle of energy displacement. The 'Quantum' part of this 'guidance' tool reflects that very idea - that our own soul has been shaped, built and formed as a result of numerous energetic accumulations and mutations over many years - many lives, in fact. As a result, the physical body taking a particular appearance along with the mind and our behaviours, feelings and thoughts - creating highly complex and unique paths for each of us. There is not one solution to having a good or peaceful life, and nor is there a definition of a 'peaceful or good life' that fits us all.


Some people need motivational assistance in their life to help with personal success, whereas others are in need of less as they are already 'over-achievers', needing instead, guidance on 'slowing down' in life. Some are in need of support after a life challenge to regain what they have lost, but others simply in need of learning to 'let go' of chasing what is no more and to learn the lessons of acceptance without replacement.

The difference offered here by Michelle, is not that a new wheel has been invented, as psychology, life coaching and vedic astrology are all established and superbly effective disciplines in their own right, however, what has been 'formed', is instead, a new vehicle in which all these 'wheels' can be driven in unison, with a clear route map, an awareness of the correct gas for the vehicle and a driver who is finally 'safe'  & content behind the wheel...

How this actually works:

Offering either a personalised one off analysis of your life direction or ongoing mentoring.

I analyse your date & exact time of birth alongside the latitude & longitude of your birth place location in order to give you a detailed consultancy session via phone or face to face in the UK & also a written report highlighting your unique life direction & existing behavioural patterns. I only work with a few main aspects of vedic astrology & have nothing to do with 'remedies' or predictions. This analysis suits people who are older and have already tried and 'failed' in life or feel lost or hopeless - people who maybe 'ok' or successful in the material world having achieved their 'success' yet something just isn't feeling right inside. I work not with 12 zodiac signs but instead 27 constellations that the earth passes through each cycle along with a further division of these, using 4 sections in the sky from each constellation degrees, totalling 108 different aspects. This is the scientific part. We are unique - each being born with a unique fingerprint of energies influencing us. We have our own destiny for sure but there are also effects of nature upon us. Please don't ask me for a 12 zodiac prediction 'reading'! This is Not what Quantum is. Quantum is about using nature & the science of your body & atoms on a quantum level to give you tools for personal development through self awareness for YOUR unique journey & destination.

The non scientific part now - 100% of the time I am asked to do a Quantum analysis I also have past life information related to the clients & for this reason I prefer not to know details about the client prior. I was a sceptic & am a scientist at heart - I didn't study for this work, yet it has 'found' me over years of pushing it away & trying to disprove it - I am not a 'business' that takes all the clients that call me either & This powerful analysis is to support people's journey so that they to can go on to let go of the things not needed in their life and energy space allowing for a greater capacity for elevation & awareness. The past life information helps also to understand patterns or fears in this life  & it is information that I 'get' prior to doing the vedic chart analysis and so makes it even more valid. - a true mix of scientific vedic work coupled with an intuitive past life analysis. I have not created this service as a money making business as I have other careers but have been approached time after time to offer this work where by I meet people 'spontaneously' & they are searching. Perhaps like you now or whereby people I have known have seen my personal awareness, gratitude, & perspective greatly elevated from yesteryear. Successfully 'facing' life's challenges with equilibrium & dignity...


"You are

never alone when you

understand yourself well"

'Quantum AstroPsychology™' is a service that offers a blend of life experience mentoring, psychology for existing behavioural tendencies, fears or patterns and most importantly a few important aspects of vedic scientific astrology to guide you on your search for YOUR life direction & personal peace through self awareness. I offer a scientific vedic analysis coupled with life coaching from my own 'successful' personal life story of ups, downs & learnings - from the chaos of family, colleagues & friends to the exquisitely forced global solitary odyssey that presented in a ten year in and outer quest to return home - to live in peace even when life presents chaos and challenges - to have inner stability, eventually steering me to 'success'. By success, I mean having a greater self-awareness, a faultless faith in the unknown twists and turns of life, being able to face life as it presents the good, the bad and the ugly, to care less about personal material or status growth but more for the benefit of society and mankind as a collective energy, to know that judgements, dramas, 'manifesting' a desired life goal & losing energy to frustrations are a thing of the past that deplete energy, steering one off the soul's path & that finally my 'success' for my life journey is feeling connected to all my experiences, both positive and negative, without blaming others or having an ego. Success defined here for me as egoless humility, faith in the uncontrollable, detachment from desires or outcomes and having perspective in challenging times. What's your idea of success & are you on the right path to attaining it or are you living from the safety of your past life successes, unattained desires or ego space...?

The ever-changing moments - the life that we live - the quantum time-space dynamic - creates a unique life path for us all, especially when taking into consideration the personal growth that we each undertake over a lifetime, the changing world around us in our daily environment of family, work, relationships and friendships. Each of us requiring varied support, advice and motivation in our quest for equilibrium or 'happiness'. In an ever changing world and with life challenges (annoyances & problems) all around us that can't be avoided, from death to job loss, financial to emotional struggles, psychology isn't always the solution. 'Quantum AstroPsychology™' is a mix of existing powerful disciplines that I have combined after my own personal journey that led to just 'giving up' - in a healthy way -  having 'failed' repeatedly, hitting rock bottom repeatedly, building myself up and falling repeatedly - culminating in finding a sense of peace after this acceptance of what will be will be - that things are out of my hands, that manifesting does work but isn't necessarily what you are to have in this life to progress on your journey to awareness and 'liberation' -  of knowing that my life path was not to be like others - I, like many, wanted to be married, to have children, to progress in the 'normal' or expected manner, and having manifested these situations of 'perfection' easily only to lose them suddenly and repeatedly, came this awareness and acceptance - leaving a vast space inside of me to now start the real journey that I was here to experience...

The ancient scientific practice of astrology which is used here on a very basic level, isn't at all to be confused with the sadly misused, western astrology that can be found in modern day newspapers and magazines offering a mundane prediction service. This 'astrology' of modern times, which speaks of a mere 12 zodiac sign characteristics in a limited attempt to categorise the entire worlds' population is a sad descriptor of classical vedic, Egyptian, Greek & Persian astrology which is based upon highly scientific principles and mathematical formulas relying on complex knowledge of physics and geometry culminating in an awareness philosophy for daily life. Astrologers were once astronomers, mathematicians and physicists, not to mention counsellors, psychologists and most importantly enlightened people who had understood their personality and journey in a way beyond the masses, and who shared this golden information to society, having the awareness that this astrological information was to be used as a tool for personal growth for an elevated society.

To say that one is a Leo or Taurus is meaningless to a genuine scientific astrologer. Astrology is not a magical thing, it is not a wishy-washy concept, but instead a highly powerful tool that allows one to gain an understanding of personality traits, habits, tendencies & desires in order to gain self actualisation. It is a tool for personal understanding so that people like you or me can better understand the challenges and gifts of life - the mechanics of ones life. It is not for predicting the future, lottery numbers or if your child will have blue eyes. This abuse of the scientific discipline of vedic astrology over thousands of years has given astrology a bad reputation and sadly robbed the world of a scientific tool that allows for personal awareness, growth and peace - something that is severely lacking nowadays, whereby people across the world are unable to express themselves effectively, lacking not only that awareness of emotional intelligence, but not having much of an awareness of what makes them tick or of the vast potential that we each have inside laying dormant - like me in the past, for decades only existing to survive, rubbishing self awareness & living as a slave to the false material & egocentric wonders of the world. 

A practitioner, whether they be an astrologer, life coach or psychologist, surely should be there to guide you for every aspect of your health, mind & souls development. For the reasons of academic ignorance, money, fame, time constraints or ego, many practitioners charge ludicrous amounts of money for each of these services yet don't always follow clients with a clear understanding of the specific & unique soul's mission which lay deep with the subconscious, but rather than needs of the client on a very surface level, which are often at conflict with one another, presenting one with feeling in difficulty, anxiety or confusion in life but not knowing why. Here, I offer you my time, commitment and most importantly my passion to share what I have become today - peaceful & content with a great self awareness and faith in all that life presents, in the hope that you can also. To be able to discover not only your path, peace and understanding of yourself but to live in this magically messy world with tranquility, equilibrium & an awareness that extends beyond the physical realms of your body or this world - to guide you on your personal path to your success whether that be material, spiritual or all in between..

The space-time continuum that we are experiencing in our lives,  joins uniquely with the journey of the soul that brings us to our conscious awareness & incarnation into a physical form.

How is that an innocent baby is born with cancer or into a life of abusive poverty? Some call it karma, some call it bad luck but the basic laws of known universal science follow actions & reaction of every type of energy and that includes the body & life we each experience. In order for the soul to evolve, each carnation of the body must have to exist - to react & act using the energies of past lives - a physics reality.  Trying to manifest as a way of creating or controlling ones destiny only takes the souls development off track, creating new energies of action and reaction to be experienced at a later date or lifetime. Transformation & progression in each live comes from accepting, rather than manifesting, the actions and reactions around us, from this life and past carnations  - forgiving ourselves & others and having an awareness of the power of this energy to break the cycle of the endless unnecessary drama that we create in our present. This formula was bought to my conscious awareness without thought, but instead as a result of having a lot of available mental space after finally  'letting go' of feelings of hate, fear & anger from my life of harsh personal challenges.  knowing that bad actions against me were part of my own incarnate past & so to stop feelings of being a victim , instead choosing to transform the hate or sad energy.As more and more space inside my conscious awareness is made available, there is now an increased connection with my subconscious which shows past life energies, that give a broad understanding of why I experience things in this life, why I had particular fears & why I had repeated patterns of behaviour - all which leads to being able to let go even more, to end cycles of negative actions and reactions and most importantly to be connected to everyone and everything yet at the same time knowing that I am connected to the past, present and also future. I am neither an academic nor philosopher, I am not a physicist or spiritualist, but just a simple person who was shown information - I am not here to prove, argue in case for or convince anyone of anything - but only to share what has come to me so that anyone out there may find peace in their life too on their unique journey... 

Quantum AstroPsychology is something that I have 'created' after simply 'giving up' having overcome a vast amount of personal life challenges, being a psychologist and also having an innate awareness of scientific principles of vedic astrology, astronomy for mathematical and physics principles. Life always presents challenges and as people we are not all the same, requiring different advice to keep us peaceful, different support methods to keep us stable during challenging times and also different types of advice and support at various stages and ages of our own lives. What you once thought was bad advice then turns out to be helpful years later. We are constantly changing and our opinions become different with age and life experiences. This 'quantum', perspective - the ever-changing minute details that shape our thinking and personal experiences in and around us, coupled with a detailed personal mathematical analysis of your birth latitude/longitude location and time, along with a range of general and dream related psychology & past life information gained from both experience that I have gained from my own personal life challenges & from reaching a point of self awareness that liberated me from the daily heaviness of life, fear based or ego directed actions or thoughts resulting in a 'download' of valuable and powerful information, making for a highly powerful healing tool, not only for understanding your personality better, but also to find direction of why you are here as the person you are and answers the questions of why it is that you have either faced the events and challenges that you have or why you often make the same 'mistakes', have repeated patterns or attract the same types of life situations, face and overcome inevitable life challenges, with the ultimate goal of living in peace. This 'peace' means different things to us all, as I have discovered on my own personal journey, and it does not always originate from what we assume will bring it, for example: "I'll be happy once I get the right job, or house or recover from this illness..." And so it is with this that I offer you this 'service', as a way to share with you the wonderful inner life that I have attained - the peace that I live with that now allowing me to face what life brings, to accept who I am with self-love, to forgive and 'comprehend' the 'bad' things that have happened to me and the 'bad' people who once hurt me, to sleep each night deeply and restoratively, to eat well and most importantly to live my life as MY life without feelings of guilt, anxiety, fear or being lost. 

Many people nowadays call themselves astrologers and are also 'sensitive' to seeing, hearing or feeling what most of us are not able to, therefore claim to predict future life events for clients, give 'messages' from loved ones who have passed away or are able to guess certain secrets or feelings of clients. These astrology practitioners use NOT be confused with the original scientific astrologers of thousands of years ago who studied and lived this highly scientific discipline, along with astronomy, physics and mathematics. These modern day western and also inexperienced eastern astrologers may be 'highly sensitive', using more than just touch, taste, sound, feeling and hearing, as the animal kingdom does, but this has nothing to do at all with scientific vedic astrology. Being 'sensitive' is a wonderful empathetic ability to do with perception and sensation, which is not to be confused with the powerfully scientific discipline of vedic astrology. The original aim of which was on the giving of everyday people an opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of THIER character, and souls journey, in order to find one's personal peace.

An awareness and mastery over ones own character is the best asset one can have in life. This discipline was not accessible to everyone, as it seems to be now - hundreds and thousands of so called 'astrologers' and even 'vedic astrologers' in the world - offering predictions, remedies and often 'damaging' predictive information to desperate clients. Real astrology is concerned, as the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Indians knew, with offering specific character information for personal development based on highly mathematical calculations, along with a thorough understanding of astronomy, constellations (or nakshatras in the vedic world) and the physics of planetary electromagnetic effects amongst other highly complex aspects of sacred geometry & universal principles. 



ABOUT Michelle

Born and raised in London, UK, Michelle has lived across the planet as well as having worked in London and all over the UK having many and varied careers. Passionate now, about living in simplicity, business skills sharing, travelling for sociological awareness expansion, writing, people, inner beauty & science, this entrepreneur Michelle has used her unique personal journey of life's challenges and blessings, to create a range of services for educational & academic, personal & business life consultancy needs. Coming from an academic, spiritually and financially poor background, where surviving, more than questioning, self development or spirituality were ever considered or even respected, Michelle lived reactively & in survival and fear mode for most of her life, wanting only, like most, to become 'happy' and have a 'nice' life. Believing that happiness came from external situations. After decades of trauma, suicidal thoughts, running and feeling like a victim, she had no choice but to simply accept life as it had presented itself after the tragic loss of her loved ones, home and job for the third time... Now as an expert of living with uncertainty, it is this that she supports others to reach. Reflecting on all the events, 'failures', repeat patterns, results and outcomes was useless - a knowing inside of her that chasing the same dream for 'happiness' was repeatedly collapsing - each time more severe than previously - so to stop thinking, pushing, manifesting & to simply live in the moment for an unknown tomorrow became all that was left to try. To stop fighting & manifesting, like society had pushed her, like most, to do, and instead accept that the world was falling down yet again with severe losses but this time to be fully accepting of the unknown times ahead as each time she had started life again after losses or change she succeeded then all collapsed again. Having suffered more life challenges than most, she wasn't afraid anymore of what life could bring & so with this awareness she simply stopped & trusted that if she had to become homeless agin then so be it, if she had to lose all her belongings again, or loved ones then so be it, if she had to have surgery again or more medical issues then so be it. No fear, just simple acceptance that the external world and experiences were to lead her to this peaceful space and that could only come with stopping manifesting 'her' dreams and just living what was to be ... With a natural aptitude for analysis that had taken her far in her professional world, being able to see 'patterns' in things around her and people's behaviours, she then used these along with information 'received' at night through decades of vivid dreams & symbology that she tried to 'run away' from to avoid being labelled 'spiritual', to being able to see the distinct link between her past & present life events, thoughts and all that was happening... 

Personal growth wasn't something she was aiming for in anyway - just actually living to survive the relentless challenges that were put in front of her - but then gaining an awareness of how one's own personal conscious, reactions, behaviours and triggers hold the secret to each of our journeys. From both present & also past (subconscious awareness expanding through patterns of dreams and symbols altering.) Being able to create her own healthy personal philosophies of life from exploring, speaking & observing people across continents & classes, rather than being influenced from reading books on how to 'be' or chasing an American life coaching style desire for manifesting a 'perfect' life or aiming for the external goals or material things that are supposed to make one 'happy'. Life was unfolding and presenting in a different way. From 'letting go' & emptying her body, mind & spirit of heavy emotions & past experiences, letting go of the anger, the sorrow, the resentment and regret along with the energy wasted in trying to steer herself into a path that she believed to be the right one, she opened up a whole new space inside herself. This 'space' not only made her feel lighter, but she started to look younger & most incredibly opened up a capacity to do new things - to become a writer, a publisher, a programmer, a web designer & other things. By emptying the bag there was space that allowed other skills and capacities to fall in. In 2017 she was in the newspapers in three different countries for three different careers but the miracle of this was that this happened completely without trying. The same again in 2019, her stories being retold in two newspapers in two different countries. This could not have been achieved if one tried and would have taken a lot of energy, yet here she was keeping a low profile trying to conserve energy as she was diagnosed with an illness, had to move house and country several times again, had lost family (non blood,) & wasn't looking to have any kind of work 'success' or financial growth. Life was taking her by the hand, finally, rather than by the scruff of the neck. unable to talk to people around her about this experience - she found comfort in being able to discuss what was happening with her homeless friend & best friend on death row - they too had fully accepted the 'flow' of life & were genuinely accepting of their fate - seeing past the illusions of life that manifest as life events, challenge and blessings. The space inside her continued to expand, as did the awareness of the connection to all around her, past, present and future, up and down & in all directions. Each morning dreaming heavily of things she could never have of imagined - these things in the day, then being confirmed in a physical form via a conversation, text, picture or 'chance' meeting with someone. With this came the Quantum awareness of how everything connected. Of how every atom within us, the environment around us, the universe & our experiences are vibrating with energetic memory, creating powerful connections, within & around us to more than just the visual physical world. From formulas of life's journey to the constellations of the sky, Michelle's awareness was expanding daily. Living in Sicily at the time, with no family, no connections to daily life or having to be involved with work (self employed), Michelle's once trauma of not feeling connected to anything or feeling like she belonged was now her most 'powerful' blessing - in that with no energy being exerted (wasted) on the daily grind or family & cultural expectations, along with the acceptance of where life was taking her & having a feeling of love and forgiveness for herself, the people who 'wronged' her and past experiences, she had opened the channel inside for an altered perception, heightened and powerfully liberating. This awareness, not ego related, continued to expand the more and more humility she expressed. Not considering herself intelligent, academic nor gifted or successful, Michelle finally created Quantum - as a means to share this awareness with anyone resonating with it. 

Humble enough not to call herself a Vedic astrologer, as this discipline is a huge 'work in progress' whereby only a few are genuinely 'qualified' in knowing the ancient scientific energetically charged vibrational scriptures, Michelle has in fact never read anything to do with astrology, spirituality, philosophy or physics, but has instead done vast amounts of self reflection, analysis of 'coincidences', behaviours, reactions and plainly just 'given up' on moving forward at times, having no choice but to find a reason for all the pain and struggles of the life she and others have faced - to make sense of where 'she messed up' - using these reflections and information received in the night journeys, leading then to an awareness of existing philosophies, traditions and scientific principles as most study BEFORE embarking on the journey 'inwards' - These ongoing discoveries from her increasingly receptive mind and expanding conscious, has led her away from the world she once knew full of "I need to get married" or "I went to university so should not take a job as a cleaner"...that she used to see in herself and others and that most of her clients still do - causing themselves misery, health issues and never-ending desires for the next thing or feeling or lifestyle - to now living with complete freedom from these old worries, anxieties and desires. 

Not coming from an academic background at all, Michelle never had questions about life or philosophical ideas, that most spiritually evolved / seekers had.  In fact, having found herself in many life situations completely unaware of the places she found herself in that life took her too, often 'by chance' and certainly with complete ignorance - for example going several times to the ashram of Sai Baba, a guru, but not actually going to see him, but instead to find her mother there. Whilst there challenging Baba as to the point of the 'annoying' Vedic mantras! Having never read anything about this huge energetically loaded philosophy of life to do with vibrations on a Quantum level to raise self awareness thus improving one's happiness. She once found herself presented to a shamanic musical healer who travelled the world healing people with the vibrations of his music - Michelle had great pleasure in trying to argue the pointlessness of his life claiming that he was useless as not working in a traditional means.  From the temples of Siem Reap to Lourdes & all in between, Michelle has found herself amongst monks, nuns & spiritual places 'by accident' in the past and has judged, argued with or discredited in some way. The scientist who believed that life was only three dimensional...

Even going to university was a 'chance' experience, going not because of having an interest in anything academic but instead only to have a cheap and safe place to escape her volatile past of London -  and 'forcing' her way onto a psychology degree programme after repeat calling of the university admissions director who in the end offered a place even though Michelle lacked appropriate qualifications. Losing herself at times in heavy drinking as a way to escape her damaged inner world and not reading anything properly at university, managing to graduate with limited knowledge in her field that she now, ironically specialises in, using instead her 25 years of work experience, people observations and self reflections which have given her a vast amount of 'real world' psychology and social anthropological knowledge - nothing from the books she was to have read at college or university. A top-down gathering of information without influence from set theories & ideas.

Michelle has eventually found her equilibrium, not from financial or emotional security or the perfect life situations/lifestyle presenting itself, or having studied the Vedic scriptures or any other academic philosophies, like most people that she encounters who are spiritually 'evolved' or who are on their path to peace, but instead from a more 'backwards' / 'top-down' way - firstly living, experiencing, suffering, trying to manifest and actually getting all that was desired at times, reflecting, analysing, realising patterns, monitoring 'coincidences' and with no 'compass' but only her life and behavioural analysis of events and reactions, leading her to the discovery of related academic theories, life philosophies, spiritual science etc... At times when Michelle is working with a client in a deep energetically shifting transformation, the clients often initiate conversations of eastern Persian, Greek, Chinese or Indian philosophies or the science behind the treatment, yet Michelle being completely unaware of such things existing as having never studied or learned about them. In fact, academic ignorance has been her greatest gift on this journey to peace, as she IS not a spiritual seeker and has time after time tried to disprove experiences and avoided deep philosophical discussions - being ignorant before and then not wanting to be influenced by existing knowledge as a way to 'validate' her observations or theories. Even now, choosing to stay away from reading about spiritual, philosophical or scientific things in order to know that the information that comes to her is authentic - not contaminated by something read or discussed. Life is a personal journey - and so by 'finding' rather than 'following' set philosophies can bring the delight of a peaceful or success life.

In the past, like most, Michelle needed certainty, a clear life plan and reacted badly to life challenges/events - she wanted, but has never had a vedic astrology reading, to 'help' make future life decisions and to see if a 'nice/happy life' was approaching... However, now with a deep awareness of the science behind life's flow and an ever expanding conscious awareness of the genuine movement of life, energy and timing, Michelle has absolutely no desire whatsoever for astrological guidance as a predictive tool because she is in a space that is utterly accepting of what life brings.


Inversely, as a skeptic of things spiritual in the past,  she has discovered these things independently, failing to disprove time after time the experiences & information 'received'. Passionate about sharing this unwavering gratitude for life and equilibrium is what she can offer you, step by step, but isn't going to give you future predictions to make you feel good. She will however, help you to become more aware of how your life so far has got you to where you need to be, even if it seems otherwise, and how to work with your life events and personality to take you a step further to personal equilibrium. 

After struggling and facing a multitude of life challenges Michelle now lives peacefully - something she once thought was impossible unless she did the mainstream things: get married, do a job she loves and live happily ever after...! - however after having lost parents, siblings, children, friends, jobs, health, homes and hope several times, she knows, instead, EXACTLY how frustrating and 'cruel' life can be, but that reacting well and having a deep awareness of life flowing in 'perfection' and how this can be lived inline with your conscious expanding to this greater capacity is what brings daily peace and equilibrium - she offers tools to support you become 'free'.

If you feel connected to this information then perhaps it is for you - if you don't resonate with it then it's not for you so don't waste your precious energy trying to accept, understand or argue it - we are all different and so there are various options for us all. Medicine works for some yet doesn't support others just as quiet time helps some yet makes others feel terrible. We all need different goals, solutions, advice & company...I am not offering this as a way to convince you of the solutions that have made me the liberated person that I am now, I am simply sharing as it may well resonate with even just one of you...

Contact Michelle to discover what makes YOU, and only YOU, not what your family, culture, society or external factors have led you to believe about yourself, direction, goals and needs. 

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