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Self Published? (It's not such a dirty word) Are You Filled With Thoughts & Ideas That You Just Need To Get Printed...?

February 9, 2018


Let me guess, It's been on your bucket list but you've never been sure of how to go about it? 

Procrastination central?


I am just like you. A procrastinating 'creative'... however, just six months ago I decided to get on with looking into getting a book I had written a couple years back published. At first I thought no chance, but with a bit of time and techie skills, I managed to not only rewrite, publish on Amazon CreateSpace, market and design my own cover, but also to get international sales across 8 countries so far! 

So I am no J.K Rowling and never set out to be - a hobby that turned into a pleasing process that I now use to help others on their way to getting their word in print.  


Get in touch with how to go about ticking this off your bucket list ...


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