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February 10, 2018

Basically, it's more normal to feel 'not ok' than ok, I have discovered on my own personal journey.

In the past I was really not ok most mornings, after tossing and turning all night from the stress, anxiety and worries that life brought. Most of the people around me in my life now, from clients to friends, neighbours and acquaintances nearly all seem to be 'not ok' - facing various life challenges. 


Now, as a peaceful person, who is able to emotionally balance the darker and the lighter times without ruining other areas of my life,  or trying to 'fill the gap' of missing affection and love with other relationships - like romantic connections, or high expectations from friends/family that just aren't realistic, I try to let people around me know that it's perfectly OK to just NOT be ok...


So, the next time you just need 'me time' ad not to be disturbed with 'life' - let people know...that today just isn't a good morning!


If you need something to distract you then perhaps a course, check these out here.




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