Miss Tusa


English For The Hotel & Tourism Industry:

"Ho fatto lezioni di inglese con Michelle, una insegnante molto attenta alle mie esigenze ma soprattutto pratica e puntuale. Il suo metodo di studio mi è servito molto anche per la mia attività di b&b. Mi ha fornito i mezzi e gli strumenti x poter da sola riuscire a comunicare con parole semplici ma importanti con i turisti stranieri. La cosa che mi è piaciuta di più è stata la telefonata in inglese giornaliera che mi ha permesso di mettermi in discussione e sforzarmi a ricordare e parlare.”

Miss Kadusheva


“Since I met Shelly in Brighton ,I haven’t met anybody who can teach like her.She is very nice person who puts a lot of love and effort in her work.After about two weeks being in her class I notice a big difference in my vocabulary.Even now being a Business student in Canada I still can’t forget her,she gave me the best English foundation.Thank you Shelly!”

Mr Antonello


English for the Hotel& Tourism Industry:

"Insegnante superba con lei è stato molto bello e semplice imparare l'inglese.  E dotata di molta pazienza e voglia di insegnare. Le sue lezioni non sono mai statiche anzi......mi piacerebbe riprovarci.”

Miss Ohasi


“My experience of Miss Michelle was more than great because I had  such a memorable time learning English with her. She is very creative and has various knowledge to teach English. Not only did she use just text book but also to learn English outside of class! One thing I loved was she made travel plan for the class!!  I could see that she’s enjoyed teaching. I would recommend Michelle to people who want to improve your English in friendly environment. I found the experience through her class that the language school isn’t a only place to study English.You will learn more than English with Michelle!”

Mr Ricardo


English for IELTS:

"Michelle has been a special person that I was very lucky to meet in the crucial moment of application for a Master in the UK. Not only is she talented and with a brillant expertise in Ielts examinations, but she is incredibly helpful for any personal advice. She is a determined and focused person that will surely be able to fulfill your expectations for the exam and also for your future goals.”

Mr Manca


English for IELTS:

"Ho avuto il piacere di avere michelle come insegnante per la mia preparazione all'esame ielts . È' molto esperta e mi sento di raccomandarla a chiunque voglia affrontare esami di lingua inglese di un certo livello.”

Miss Marx


"My experience of Michelle as a teacher was a very good one, that I do not want to miss in my life. Michelle was not just any teacher who feels her job as annoying as others might. She is an absolutely funny and friendly teacher, everybody recognizes as fast as she opens a lesson, that Michelle enjoys her job and has a good connection to her students. Finally, the other students in the class and me found the teaching lessons not as a duty (like the common school at home) but as a collective entertainment. In addition, I hold the contact with Michelle and she helped me in some special situations, e.g. writing an opening speech for the famous Berlin Model United Nations in Germany. As a result, I would ask her every time again for support with my English.
She takes the time for you and your problem and is busy with solving it, especially with the fact that you really understand not just nod and agree with the terms.Michelle has absolutely decided for the right job. To me, however, it feels more like a calling, because the Brightoner knows her qualities to use with much joy.”

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