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  • I Love English - Teacher Michelle

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Education I love English Teacher Michelle Life Work In Progress MichelleVaid.com

'I Love English - Teacher Michelle'

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  • I Love English - Teacher Michelle
  • I Love English - Teacher Michelle
  • I Love English - Teacher Michelle
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'Quantum AstroPsychology'

Personalised Scientific Vedic Self Care Awareness

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  • Life Work In Progress
  • 'Life: Work In Progress…'™
  • 'Life: Work In Progress...'™
Life Work In Progress MichelleVaid.com

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  • 'Life: Work In Progress…'™

'Life: Work In Progress...'


Life Consultancy - "Michelle has many selfless qualities & the support this last year she has given me and my wife when we lost our beloved daughter at 5 weeks old has been a true inspiration. In our darkest hour Michelle has sent us a daily sense of hope, encouragement and love that has enabled us to try and stay strong in the most challenging of times. Her dedication and love I will never forget and this included visiting and staying with us. This has genuinely given me strength at a point in life where I was being gripped with depression and loss.
Her ability to turn a negative into a positive, she never gives up. Her selflessness ensures she only has love to give to those that cannot always return the same time and dedication she provides. I would recommend anybody who feels they have had a hard time in life to meet Michelle and gather strength from her gift to be able brush aside the many challenges that would have defeated lesser people. She is an inspiration who has helped to put me back on track in a difficult time in my life."

~ Mr Virdee, England 

Quantum AstroPsychology Coaching - "My experience with quantum analysis has been very positive because it has allowed me to see which aspects of my life I should prioritize and which I should give less importance to.Thanks to the quantum analysis, things are clearer and I am more determined when it comes to making actions."

~ Mr Roberto, Madrid

Business Coaching - "A great experience to improve listening and business negotiations. It helped me with my new job & made me confident with the phone conversations and the negotiations with the foreign suppliers. Michelle's skills and the possibilities to personalise the coaching with dedicated times and vocal messages are the plus that makes the business course perfect."

~ Mr Marco, Italy

Web Design- "From the outset we have found Michelle’s approach to be of a particularly high standard. Flexibility, value and subsequent support second to none"

Small Business Start Up - "5 star rating."

Graduate Interview Coaching - "My experience of Michelle was fantastic because she helped me to prepare for my UK job interview. She  had a lot of experience in the medical field too. In the end I got the job! Thanks to her help and support! One thing I loved was her smily face, her constant positive attitude, her patience and sympathy, not to mention her knowledge."

~ Miss Candiani, Brighton

Academic Uni Support - "Flexible with times, innovative methods & efficient - a great help during my university years. Michelle has enabled me to think in different ways & I feel blessed to have her as a great teacher & friend"

~ Mrs Almaimani, Saudi Arabia

English Training -“My experience of  Michelle was more than great because I had  such a memorable time learning English with her. She is very creative and has various knowledge to teach. Not only did she use just text book but also to learn English outside of class! One thing I loved was she made travel plans for the class!! I would recommend Michelle to people who want to improve English in friendly environment. I found the experience through her class that the language school isn’t a only place to study English.You will learn more than English with Michelle!”

~ Miss Ohasi, Japan

Cambridge IELTS Training - "Michelle has been a special person that I was very lucky to meet in the crucial moment of application for a Master in the UK. She talented and with a brilliant expertise in IELTS examinations, She is incredibly helpful for any personal advice, determined and focused & will surely be able to fulfil your expectations for the exam and also for your future goals."

~ Mr Nastasi, Italy

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Born and raised in London, Michelle has, unintentionally, lived across the planet as well as having worked in London and all over the UK having several varied careers. Passionate about people & communities, traditions, business/working efficiency, travel, writing, food & self-awareness, this entrepreneur Michelle has managed to create a range of learning & development services for academic, personal & international  or start up business needs. With a philosophy of simplicity & living/working efficiently & appreciatively,  gained from harsh life challenges of loss & change & being financially independent since a child, Michelle now lives a uniquely peaceful lifestyle connecting with people from all over the world, sharing life experiences, with her personal philosophy of making life opportunities if they are not presented, she values people skills and personality over brains for getting on in life - socially, academically and professionally...

Key Words: personal & social reform, simplicity, less is more, creating from necessity, slow down, humility, trust & self-awareness.

Get in touch today for anything you might require for your journey ahead...

'Living & Working For Passion, Sharing & Living in Simplicity' 

Life Work In Progress MichelleVaid.com

'Life: Work In Progress...'™ 

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