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First in the series set, Mr Peter’s Adventures In Siracusa, has been created as a space saving book, designed to inspire kids about the importance of creating, travelling, imagination and to have an appreciation of their childhood days...

Primo libro della serie di Le avventure di Peter, per incoraggiare il tuo bambino a creare, infondendo un messaggio di gratitudine e consapevolezza...

As Peter sets off on his first adventure in the world, to Siracusa, Sicily in Italy, he comes across a whole number of new adventures that he could only ever have dreamed about from his home in rainy London!

Mentre Peter si mette in viaggio per la sua prima avventura nel mondo, a Siracusa, in Sicilia, trova un bel numero di nuove avventure che si sarebbe solo potuto sognare dalla sua casa nella piovosa Londra!

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English & Italian.

INTERACTIVE, Adventure story book

30 different story journeys, with 6 endings! 


Le avventure di Peter a Siracusa, Sicilia ~ libro N. 1 di 7

Primo libro della serie, Le Avventure di Peter a Siracusa, Sicilia è stato concepito come un testo da portare ovunque, interattivo, di avventure che stimolino l'apprendimento della lingua, disegnato per ispirare i bambini a viaggiare ed essere creativi, stimolare la loro immaginazione e far loro apprezzare ogni singolo giorno della loro infanzia. Con oltre trenta possibilità di creare storie alternative e sei finali unici, i bambini di età compresa tra gli otto e i dodici anni potranno divertirsi a scegliere quali avventure far compiere a Peter durante il suo viaggio in Sicilia. Il tutto in un unico libro, la soluzione ideale quando si è in viaggio o si va a mangiare fuori e si vuol tenere impegnati i bambini, che saranno stregati sia dalle avventure del piccolo protagonista che dalle pagine da ritagliare e colorare alla fine del libro.



Michelle Vaid è una londinese di 44 anni, che vive tra Londra e la Sicilia, che ha viaggiato per il mondo. Le avventure di Peter a Siracusa è il suo libro di esordio. Il forte legame di Michelle con i bambini in tutto il mondo è stata una costante della sua vita, essendo stata un' insegnante di sport, avendo tenuto in affidamento alcuni bambini con disabilità attraverso l'organizzazione per i bambini del Barnardo's UK e avendo ricoperto il ruolo di Chief Analyst per UNICEF UK. La serie Le avventure di Peter è solo un altro mezzo per ispirare la possibilità, il viaggio e la consapevolezza nelle giovani vite.


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About the Author & Creator

Michelle Vaid, a creator of various things, is a 42 year-old Londoner, living between London and Sicily, who has travelled the world. A children's book author by chance, who wrote the book from seeing a need for children who don’t necessarily come from a reading background, to be occupied in a book where they can chose the story journey, and when tired simply use for colouring. Inspired from not only the importance of being bilingual, but also from knowing that when travelling or eating out, one is limited to the amount of books and things to keep kids occupied. Once as a computer programmer, Michelle created a basic video game using the interactive books from the 80’s that led to different endings, as an inspiration for this book. First in the series set, Mr Peter’s Adventures In Siracusa, has been created as an interactive, space saving book, designed to inspire kids about the importance of creating, travelling, imagination and to have an appreciation of their childhood days, along with a message expressing gratitude and mindfulness.

Children's Bilingual English Italian Interactive Adventure Book For Kids.

Young English Mr Peter sets off on his first adventure in the world, to Siracusa in Sicily, Italy with his sister Polly and parents. Here he finds a whole number of new adventures that he could have only ever dreamed of from his home in London! From trips to the beach and Ortigia, to visiting the wonderful sights and monuments of Siracusa. This book talks about popular places in Siracusa along with a message expressing gratitude, mindfulness and care for the people around us, encouraging your child to appreciate experiences and people around them. Take Mr Peter on an adventure that only you know how the ending will be, and enjoy reading and  interacting with this book. A great book for taking on your own travel adventures as it features 6 unique endings with over 30 various story journey possibilities.

A fun and interactive bilingual English Italian, interactive adventure book for kids, with black and white illustrations for colouring possibilities, including ‘cut out and keep’ illustration pages. This book is designed for all young readers ages 8-12, who like to interact as the reader can decide what happens next…  

Wonderful for learning Italian or English as a foreign language


The best thing about this unique book is:

  • For travelling light and restaurants, this book can keep kids occupied for longer than one book.

  • Bi-lingual English & Italian stories.

  • Interactive so that one book features over thirty different story journeys to be created by the reader and six unique endings.

  • Lots of illustrations & 'cut out and keep' pages.

  • Simple sentences but messages of mindfulness and gratitude.

Recommended for children (ages 8-12) years


Mr Peter's Adventures

in Vienna, Austria.

The 2 book in a series of 7

Follow Peter as he jets off to magical Vienna, the capital city of Austria. Join him on his adventures to come - and remember...YOU decide what happens next!

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ISBN: 978-1-9999194-0-5

A CIP record of this book is available at the British Library. First print December 2017.