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Don't Judge Me, Hug Me!

Valentines Love...!

Self - love...the best type of Valentine's love - don't judge me, hug me!

"Don't judge me, hug me!" "Non giudicarmi, abbracciami!" "Đừng đánh giá tôi, ôm tôi!" "Beoordeel me niet, knuffel me!" "मलाई दण्ड नदिनुहोस्, मलाई घृणा गर्नुहोस्!" "Verurteile mich nicht, umarme mich!" "កុំថ្កោលទោសខ្ញុំឱបខ្ញុំ!"

When I finally learned that loving myself - the good, the bad and the ugly (I'm not perfect and never will be!)- gave me all the inner security, peace and capacity needed to just take myself and others as they come...

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