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Life Brings Ups & Downs - Accepting Your Fate ...

Life now and ahead is scary…but it doesn’t need be so.

The fear that people have about the future and fate causes unnecessary stress and depression.

Fate is a doorway to enlightenment, power and greater self awareness.

I’ve opened myself up to fate and all it brings - now I am in the flow and able to live peaceful in the now.

To fully embody what comes - my fate

It brings things I couldn’t have imagined.

In the past, when I was fear driven, I was not at one with anything therefore closing me and my capacity up to everything.

Our capacity is huge.

Removing fear in ones life hasn’t been easy and even led me to suicide feelings in the past…but life past these ego based, fear driven life challenges is utterly blissful.

I am open to loss now and with this loss brings acceptance.

Loss is a way to more, even if it presents as a painful emotion.

I am a 42 year old unmarried lady (for most women of this age this brings some kind of feeling of failure or sadness) who has a skin and immune system medical issue right now (which is not worrying me in any way as I am learning so much about how my body works and is changing around seasons, food and environmental factors) , no stable house for the past 18 months but living in several places, no fixed income (self employed and choosing to accept working less for more self care time) and the memories of losing both parents, a baby and 4 siblings…sounds terrible right?

…but I am the most peaceful and content person I know and wouldn’t change my life with anyone right now.

I feel like one of the most successful people that I know.

Too many life coaches, 'spiritual' people/texts talk about how success as a self healing processes which then manifests in a 'successful' material and emotional external world - like attracts like, however there isn't much written about the concept of living in utter peace but not always having the best external situation around - as these karmas or energetically charged events that one lives can come at any time and not related to how well you value yourself or indicative of your inner spiritual success. The book 'The Secret' talks of manifesting and in the past I thought that imagining the outer world would be a reflection of my inner success - that I had 'made it' but in fact quite the opposite was to be true. I was a good 'manifester' and always created my inner desired realities in the external world but still not happy or wanting the next level - the peace i have now is a total acceptance of what comes - my fat and my destiny. There is a debate about fate, a life to be and also of manifesting whatever one desires, but from my personal experience it is the former that has bought me the peace that sustains a blissful life now - as i am in full acceptance of what ever comes - the good, the bad and the ugly. This is life - a mix of so many tragedies and exciting events and so for me, trying to only create and manifest only perfect life events (as no one wishes to create challenging life situations) is not at all peaceful. A fear based lifestyle if you like.

Learning not to get so self-absorbed in one's own psychological matters/complexities/issues and to let go of the ego are key... To adopt a 'no victim' mentality is vital.

There is no right or wrong and I am not here to convince anyone of any idea, but simply to share my journey and vast experience that has led me to a life of contentment - through all the 'good and bad'. If your journey has helped you and guided you to your truth and you are able to sleep well at night as you are anxiety free and hold no hate for yourself, others or your past then that is blessed. I am in competition with no one and simply sharing my personal life as a tool that may assist someone in theirs - as I learn EVERYDAY from people around me and situations - I hope to do the same for others so that we could steer away from the idea that material success is success, that challenging life events or medical issues are somewhat a reflection of our inner emotional state (they are to some extent but thats to do with the souls journey from many lives and not necessarily only this life), that a simple life isn't a successful life and that being poor and alone are states that surely can't bring peace and contentment...

I am one with my journey and accept the fate I have been dealt - loss is part of it, as is change and transformation and I have learned to be open to it, embrace it and live fully in it. I would never have expected to accept these life challenges and this healthy way of approaching life has exceeded all my expectations of what a ‘successful’ life is.

In the past, losing my health, house, job, love or space sent me into depressive and suicidal, angry and resentful states, not to mention cold and rigid - but in these years of approaching these life challenges in an open and ‘ok’ way, has led to a life outlook and lifestyle that is extremely satisfying and powerfully peaceful.

Wasting time on manifesting and ‘controlling’ the future thinking I knew what I needed hasn’t been successful in my personal journey - I got what I wanted/manifested but then lost them time after time - for it’s not the objects and scenarios that were to bring peace and happiness, but instead the learning of embracing my fate. To feel and be open but not having to act upon the daily feelings that life events and challenges bring. Manifesting is fear based, coming from the ego of our desires, needs and ‘I deserve…’

I don’t pray for things, only for gratitude. Gratitude brings happiness.

I don’t manifest for scenarios, only reflect on what’s been.

I don’t fear the future, I embrace my fate.

Life isn’t a quest for only happiness but learning how to live in both the light and dark.

I wouldn’t swap my life with anyone’s…

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'Life: Work In Progress...'™

London | Online Internationally

  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
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  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid

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