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Have a 'peaceful day'

‘Have a peaceful day’

I use this phrase each day and people think it means have a day without problems- a peaceful one- but this is not what I mean - for who has not got life problems and challenges to face? Who isn’t free from personal, family, financial, health, housing or marital challenges? Have a peaceful day I’ve come to use means ‘I hope you can have and find peace in your mind and heart no matter what the day brings’. Simple. Along my journey to peace of mind Nothing has changed apart from my perspective from a higher vibration-I’m able to stay content in the face of adversity each day or week or month-to be content in the good and bad times instead of chasing ‘happiness’ which is just one emotional state. Being content and peaceful when troubles appear from shifting my perspective to a place of acceptance and limited fear about tomorrow... it’s not been easy and is the result of a decade of practice but like any muscle in the body we need time to perfect... so I wish whoever reads this a PEACEFUL day 🙏

Stop ✋ 🛑 with all the ‘be happy’ vibes... it’s not ok to be happy when you face life challenges. You can be positive however and sad at the same time-it’s ok and normal to feel sad. The positivity of letting yourself be sad will heal your wounds more so than putting your happy face on... give yourself permission to let yourself fall apart to rebuild. Be positive about the healing journey but not with a smile...

‘Some days a warrior, some days a hermit’

On my journey to peace I learned about the ebb and flow of feelings which like nature will take you to both light and dark places inside you ~ both valid and necessary but not getting stuck in either state being the objective ~ I learned to make time daily to reflect on and analyse the patterns in my own natural emotional and physiological circadian rhythm with those of nature and planetary magnetic energies along with the effects of food chemistry and people around me... some days will bring you to your best and others to what looks like your worst but really just opportunities to fall down and rest, to hit the pause button on your mind and trust the flow of life even if that has taken you to a terrifying and uncertain place. As a person who has faced death and so many challenges in the face along with losing all my family, learning to lay low on the days of the hermit and accept that it’s a passing moment really helped unlock inner wisdom that we all have inside us. Wisdom that life challenges will trigger you to find rather than get caught in the drama of it all. Be the hermit and be the warrior - we are everything and everything is valid taking us eventually to a whole and solid place...

Self care isn’t all about eating healthy. Our daily thought patterns often create harmful chemicals that flow around the body causing harm to our organs and health ultimately. The repeat cycle of thoughts become a habit in our memory muscles causing more self sabotage or unhappiness... we are not perfect and so just small steps to plant the right thought 💭 from time to time is part of self care that leads to a peaceful mind and life... plant carefully as no such thing as perfectly

Let go of the people who took away your hope~don’t lose hope itself...

It’s easy to feel like life has gotten the better of you and it’s easy to stay on the floor after life’s challenges but... with the right attitude from your inner child you can find hope in tomorrow... most of us adults feel hurts and pains from our unresolved and un healed childhood memories that then play out in our adult lives... on my journey to peace I learned to heal that little child inside me so that I didn’t then face challenges from a space of sadness, fear and anger... life is easier when your inside resonates with your adult self... inner child healing is the difference between falling down and staying down or falling down and moving on in a healthy way for your next wholesome adventure...

People will always hurt you but it’s up to you to give yourself a brighter future...See the wisdom from a higher perspective to push you towards peace rather than the karma drama of lower energies and fighting, hating and blaming...

Even though we read the same words, we each comprehend a different story... we see and live life through the filters of our personal life experiences so a book, a sentence or a word can mean so many different things to each of us or even at different times in our lives... be patient with yourself and others... how’s your filter to life set? A tragedy, romance or horror!?

One of the most empowering strings to my life bow is having learned to be calm and not coming from an ego state when others express feelings or actions that go against mine. It’s such a simple thing but many people create conflict for nothing. A safe place is where you’re free to express emotions and feelings and opinions which then doesn’t end up in an argument. Its not about only being around people who agree with you. It’s all about loving oneself and not feeling fearful about others ways of being.

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  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
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  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid
  • Life Work In Progress Michelle Vaid

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